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 Say Goodbye to Frustration Induced Meltdowns!

We want to give our kids the world, but where do we start?

Every parent has experienced the 'joy' of a meltdown when trying to complete homework, an assignment, or simply teach your child something new. 
It's not fun...for anyone.

But, it doesn't have to be this way!

Having taught, mentored and tutored hundreds of kids over the past decade, I have proven time and time again that tutoring for academics is only PART of the journey. 

So, before you invest all of your hard earned cash into an expensive tutor, you need to ask yourself:  
  • Does my child have the right MINDSET to achieve success?

SPOILER ALERT: Without the right mindset it is impossible to achieve success!

To succeed a child needs a growth mindset! 
It is only once this mindset is established that long-term results from academic tutoring can reap the rewards (and your investment won't be wasted!).
The good news is that you can CULTIVATE A GROWTH MINDSET AT HOME, before you make the significant investment of an academic tutor.
I have compiled my years of hands-on experience, combined with the evidence-based knowledge which I have acquired in this time, into an actionable, ready to implement guide to help you start today!

I urge you to give it a go (before you invest hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on a tutor).

Containing 12 pages of valuable strategies to start fueling a successful growth mindset in your child, I have carefully curated this guide into 3 easy and actionable steps which you can implement immediately to start transforming your child’s mindset. 

This guide contains the essential foundations necessary to raising a child who is motivated and driven to achieve success. 

Normally $25, for a LIMITED TIME this valuable resource is available for only $7!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

So, this will solve all of my parenting problems? 

Well, probably not ALL of your problems, but if you want a child who: 
  • Is calm under pressure and in control of their emotions;
  • Is resilient when things don’t go to plan;
  • Is self-motivated to try; 
  • ​Is driven to learn;
  • ​Doesn’t quit; and
  • ​Rarely has meltdowns resulting from anxiety and frustration;
Then YES, flipping your child's MINDSET will help with those things.

Generally, it is when your child is experiencing a fixed mindset moment that the meltdowns ensue.

What is a fixed mindset?

A fixed mindset is when you believe that your ability to learn something, or your intelligence, is fixed and it can’t be changed for better or worse. Sadly for our kids, it is really easy to get stuck in a fixed mindset, and if we as parents don’t help to change their mindset (ideally early on, but it is never too late!), they will carry this belief with them throughout their whole life. Living with a fixed mindset will drastically limit their chances of reaching their true potential! 

I have a client named Clare; this is her fixed-mindset story:

My daughter is in grade 5, about to go into grade 6. Over the last year, I couldn't figure out why she was doing so well in all of her classes EXCEPT math. I tried asking her a few times, to which she would reply "I'm just not good at math mom. I don't really like it." Huh, that's funny, I always hated math too. Oh wait, UH-OH.
Welcome to my big "Aha!" moment. kids hear EVERYTHING. And, my daughter had heard me tell a story on more than one occasion talking about how much I had hated math in high-school. Now, I truly did hate math! I never believed I was any good at it, I was an art kid through and through. The problem was that I talked about my hate for math so many times in front of my daughter, that she had taken my word for gospel. I was terrible at math and didn't like it, therefor she, as my daughter, ought to hate it and not do well at it too. The limiting beliefs imposed on my daughter (by me!) were fueling her fixed mindset.
Crap. Mom fail!
How do I fix this?
How do I teach my daughter that all she has to do is work hard and she'll excel in math?
How do I help her feel motivated to try again at math?
How do I help her with the frustration she feels when she doesn't immediately understand math questions or concepts?
After all, I didn't enjoy math myself because I struggled at it and had to work harder than I did in any other subject. It makes it easier to accept failure if you never cared about succeeding in the first place, right? 
Thank goodness I stumbled upon Jess and the Mind Traction community. Learning the strategies that Jess shared helped me start shifting my daughter's mindset. Teaching her about her brain helped her understand that her strong emotions were normal and part of the process, which in turn helped her recognize when a meltdown was coming on so she could avoid it. She started being more motivated to keep trying, even when she didn't understand at first. We haven't been using the strategies for very long, but I have already noticed a difference in her attitude and we have WAY fewer meltdowns!  
Without a doubt, the secret to helping my daughter was teaching her about a fixed vs. growth mindset and giving her strategies to turn her mindset into a growth one.

Clare & Sophia - Saskatoon, Canada

Are you ready to join Clare and hundreds of other Mind Traction parents who are flipping their child's mindsets?

Will a growth mindset fix all of my problems?

Sorry, no! 


Have you struggled with meltdowns during homework, practice or study sessions? 
Have you heard your little ones talk about how much they hate certain classes? 
Have your kids asked you to quit something because they suddenly stopped liking it? 
Have your children had trouble controlling their emotions?
Have your little ones ever been too afraid to try something new?
Have you ever worried about your child's academic success?
Have you lost sleep thinking about how to teach your child to chase their wildest dreams?

Teaching your child to have a growth-mindset WILL help with ALL of these things! 

Okay, show me the research. Is growth-mindset real or fake news?

30 years ago, an American psychologist named Dr. Dweck and her colleagues studied kids and their attitudes towards failure. I could explain her research, but she is so much more entertaining! Check out this snippet from her TedTALK. She talks about her research into the growth mindset, and she has some incredible advice to share about the power of YET!

Okay, Growth mindset sounds great! How do I teach it to MY kids?

If you are asking yourself this question, that is great! You are ready to take the next step in your parenting journey with me and learn the strategies to helping your child develop a success mindset. 

But, let me give you one more thing to consider first.

As you start learning and implementing growth-mindset strategies, you are going to witness something incredible happen.

YOU will start to develop a growth mindset too. 

That's right - YOU!

These strategies work at any age, so when you start intentionally committing and implementing them in your child's life YOU will start to benefit too. In fact, your whole family will! 

Okay, now you're ready?

Let's get ready for a mindset swap!

If you are ready to learn my top 3 strategies to help your child defeat their overwhelming frustration, wrangle their big feelings, and get a handle on behavioral problems and meltdowns...

Grab my 3-step Guide to Flipping Your Child's Fixed Mindset and get started right now! 

Normally $25, for a LIMITED TIME this valuable resource is available for only $7!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Growth Mindset

What's in the 3-Step Guide to Flipping Your Child's Fixed Mindset?

Here is what you can expect to learn from my 3-Step Guide:

How to model the right behaviors to fuel your child's mindset switch

How to teach your kids about their brains so they can understand how to change their thoughts and control their feelings

The right words to use and when to use them for maximum impact

What exactly will the 3-Step Guide do for me?

Will my guide help you flip your child's mindset from being fixed and frustrated to being growth-oriented and open to new challenges?


It will provide you with three easy steps that you can start implementing in your daily life immediately. 

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.
- Gordon B. Hinckley

My 3-Step Guide to Flipping Your Child's Fixed Mindset is the solid foundation you need to set up your little ones for a future full of success and the ability to live their best life.
And right now, it's yours for only $7!

I am so excited to share my secrets to raising successful children with you!
My 3-Step guide to flipping your child's fixed mindset is full of valuable strategies you can implement to start seeing results immediately
If you understand the importance of investing your child's future, and you are willing to take the ACTION needed to raise successful children, let's get started today.
Here's what's in store for you...
My 3-Step Guide is the solid foundation you need to build a growth mindset superstructure in the brains of your little ones.

Once you have implemented my 3-Step Guide, you will be ready to take the next steps in your growth mindset journey.  


For everyone who invests in their child's future today, you will be invited to join my MASTERCLASS for parents, teachers, and other caregivers who want to dig deeper and instill the strategies required to fuel a LIFETIME of success in their little ones.

Because you have already built a solid foundation with my 3-Step Guide, my MASTERCLASS will be available to you at HALF PRICE on launch day in December 2020!

There will be limited spots available, so make sure you get on the list!
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to fuel success in your child
  • Access to support directly from me, Jess, the founder of Mind Traction and your success mindset mentor
  • First access to my MASTERCLASS launching in December 2020 at HALF PRICE!
That's well over $500... for only $7 today!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
So, what if it doesn't work for me?

If you follow the steps and put in the effort, it will work! 

“Our doubts are traitors,  and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” 
― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

What if my child resists?

Truth be told, your child might resist. Changing the way we think is hard work! It takes time and practice, and it can be uncomfortable. If your child gets frustrated, that's okay! Stick with it, don't give up. If you stay strong and set that example, your child will eventually come around. 

Are you ready?

If you have read this far, you are ready! AND I am ready to take this journey with you and support you every step of the way. 

Let's get started.

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